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July Golf Schools

Beginner Golfers - Sat 7/14 from 1pm- 3pm

Full Swing - Sun 7/15 from 10am- 12pm

Short Game - Sat 7/21 from 10am- 12pm

Beginner Ladies – Sun 7/22 from 10am- 12am

Short Game – Sat 7/28 from 10am- 12pm

Beginner Ladies - Sun 7/29 from 1pm- 3pm

Golf School Tuition: $110

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AimPoint Express

The World’s #1 Green Reading System!

AimPoint Express - Sun 7/8 from 10am- 11am 

AimPoint Express - Sat 7/14 from 4pm- 6pm

​​AimPoint Clinics are $100 per hour 

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Golf Schools



Beginner Ladies Golf Schools are designed to introduce women to the game of golf in a fun and relaxed environment. You will learn the necessary skills to get started enjoying the game of golf. 

Short Game Golf Schools 70% of your shots in a typical round of golf are from 110 yards or less! In our Short Game schools we improve your shots from this distance and in. If you really want to improve your score, short game is where you want to save strokes. Chipping, Pitching, Putting, Bunker play, and Wedge shots are covered.

Full Swing Golf Schools work on hitting pure irons and longer drives down the fairway. Learn to make more solid contact, hit it further, and predict which way the ball will curve. 

Putting Schools will cover the necessary skills to make more putts! Improve your touch and distance control, learn to predict which way the ball will break, and make a better stroke on the ball in our putting school. You will never 3 putt again!

Power Hour! This one hour golf school will focus on hitting it longer and straighter! Similar to how we train our juniors in our camp program, each student will rotate through different drills and stations designed to increase your club head speed and centeredness of contact. Have fun, break a little sweat, and hit it further! 

AimPoint Express Green- Reading schools take the guess out of putting! Never again guess which way or how much the ball is going to break - without using your eyes! This extremely fast, easy to learn way of putting is currently used by both World #1's Adam Scott and Stacy Lewis. Watch them show you how easy this is as they hold their hand out to determine the correct amount of break. A simple, accurate, non-technical putting school that is open to golfers of all ages and abilities. 


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